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How do I sell my ticket on TicketSwap using a mobile device?

Please make sure you have the latest version of the TicketSwap application installed on your phone.

Upload directly from your mailbox

You can upload tickets directly from your mailbox (Gmail/Outlook/MSN/Passport/Live) to the TicketSwap app. Any email containing a ticket as a PDF attachment can be uploaded directly by tapping the upload button when you are viewing the email. To do this, just follow the steps in the TicketSwap app (only available with iOS and Android version 3.3).

Open the file directly with TicketSwap

Please find below a brief explanation of how to upload directly from your phone, for iOS and Android.



Using your iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive account

If you have the iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive application installed, you can use it to upload a file in the TicketSwap application. First simply save the file in your iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive account. When this is done, open up the TicketSwap application and start the selling process. When you are at the upload step click ''Select a file''. Here you can select your iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive account to import the ticket into the TicketSwap application. Notice: It could be that your iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive account is not directly visible in this menu. If so, you can enable it by clicking ''More''.

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