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What to do in case your event got cancelled or postponed.
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The event I bought/sold a ticket for is canceled, what happens now?

Whenever an event is canceled, we are always dependent on what decision the ticket provider/organizer will take on how to solve the issue for the original buyers of the ticket (in the case of TicketSwap the sellers).

We will always follow the decision of the ticket provider/organizer and will help arrange the same solution for the buyers on TicketSwap.

Regular sale (not Secure Swap)

As soon as the ticket provider/organizer has indicated that they will refund the original buyers, we will reach out to the sellers and ask them to refund the amount they have received from TicketSwap to the buyers via our platform.

Please take into account that it can take up to several weeks before the seller can refund the ticket, as ticket providers/organizers often take 3-4 weeks before refunding the original buyers.

We will always chase the seller multiple times to pay back the refund. If they refuse to, they will be banned from the TicketSwap platform and you as a buyer would be able to file a police report against the seller. Unfortunately, TicketSwap will not be able to compensate for the financial loss.

Secure Swap
Whenever you bought a ticket with Secure Swap, there is no need for us to get the money back from the buyer as we are able to settle the possible refund with the organizer ourselves.

As soon as the organizer has indicated that the buyers will be refunded, we will inform the buyers on our platform about their refunds and the refund amount via email.


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