TicketSwap 2019 Wrap Up

The Artists and Events You Swapped The Most

December is the month of reflection, of “best of” lists and of course of setting New Year’s resolutions. We couldn’t resist the urge to join this party with our very own Wrap Up of 2019. The list consists of our top sellers - the events and artists who had the most tickets swapped through our platform. In addition to these fun facts, we’re also presenting you with our very own top picks of the year. So buckle up and get ready for TicketSwap’s 2019!

Most Swapped Concert: Muse - Simulation Theory Tour 
Formed in 1994, these English rockers are still at the very top of their game. ‘Simulation Theory’ is their 8th studio album, which they launched in November 2018. The tour began in Houston on 22 February 2019, and ended on 15 October 2019 in Lima and consisted of 59 shows in total. Fun fact: the tour featured a special package that granted access to an exclusive mixed reality pre-show party, with three original virtual reality games that were inspired by tracks from Simulation Theory. 

Most Swapped Festival: Intents Festival
Intents Festival is one of the leading weekend festivals in the Netherlands. Representing different genres and concepts like Dynamite (hardcore), Outrageous! (freestyle), house-arts (EDM, trap), Relive (early hardstyle) and more. Intents Festival is known for its impressive stages with spectacular decoration and a sensational show.

Most Swapped Party: Elrow! London
With over 150 shows in 27 countries worldwide, Elrow is one of the biggest (house)party organisations. Their parties are bursting with colours, craziness and have the most awesome themes. The London editions sold most tickets on our platform in 2019!

Most Swapped Singer: Angèle
You might have never heard from her, but Angèle is a Belgian singer-songwriter and musician and a very big name in the world of French and Belgian pop. The tickets fans sold on our platform is proof of this: not even Ariana Grande or Shawn Mendes got this many tickets swapped! Super impressive, to say the least. 

Most Swapped Techno DJ: Amelie Lens
And again, the biggest DJ in the TicketSwap universe was Belgian, Amelie Lens. Just like in 2018, The Queen of Techno was smashing it and fans were swapping tickets for her shows like crazy! Will someone be able to beat her in 2020? We would be surprised...

Most Wanted Event: Zwarte Cross
The Dutch festival Zwarte Cross (Black Cross) is one of a kind. They blend motocross, music, theater, stunts, and humor to a crazy blend that attracts people of all ages. Situated in the East of The Netherlands (“The Achterhoek”) the festival has a very down to earth mentality that’s very typical for that area. They always sell out in no time and this year there was no other event on TicketSwap with more ticket alerts!

Most Swapped ADE Event: Into The Woods
Amsterdam Dance Event is always the busiest week at TicketSwap HQ. With so many events happening in and around the city at every hour of the day, things tend to get a bit crazy. This year, most fans swapped tickets for the Into The Woods weekender at the NDSM-Wharf. 

Most Swapped Theater Event: Lazarus  
The biggest theater hit of the year is Lazarus, performed at the DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam. David Bowie’s alter ego Thomas Newton takes the viewer on a journey through his life, dreams, and obsessions. Bowie’s classics are played live by a special Lazarus band with the best musicians. The show is still on until April 2020, but it’s already the most swapped theater event! 

Most Swapped Sports Event: Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix
Not everyone might know this, but it’s also possible to buy and sell tickets for sports events on TicketSwap! With 1200 fan tickets sold, the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix takes the honour of the biggest TicketSwap sports event of 2019. 

Most Swapped Rock Band: Metallica
Metallica, one of the most successful bands of all time, has sold over 125 million albums worldwide as of 2018, which makes them one of the biggest-selling acts in American history. They’re now in their 50’s, but still rocking the stage like no other. Their WorldWired Tour started in 2016 and the last show will be in April 2020. In total, the tour consists of 178 shows, so it might not come as a surprise their fans swap more tickets than any other! 

Most Swapped Boy Band: Backstreet Boys
Backstreet was back alright! The Backstreet Boys hit 2019 really hard with a new album ('DNA')  and a world tour that featured all their biggest past hits, as well as the best picks from ‘DNA'. Our TicketSwappers went nuts because Backstreet was the most swapped boyband of the year, even more than a certain Korean band!

TicketSwap House/techno track of 2019: Peggy Gou - Starry Night
Next to this tune being played a lot this festival season, at TicketSwap HQ we also just couldn’t get enough of Peggy and we had this gem blasting on our sound systems. No surprise most of our colleagues voted this track as their fav of the year! 

TicketSwap EDM Track of 2019: Calvin Harris & Rag’n’Bone Man - Giant
Besides this track being super catchy, Rag’n’Bone man has an incredible voice. ‘Giant’ is one of those songs that uplift you and it’s really hard to sit still when this one comes on! This song gathered an overwhelming majority of the votes at our HQ. 

TicketSwap Pop Track of 2019: Billie Eilish - Bad Guy
Just the intro of this song has people going mad. There is no way you could escape Billie this year! The song is sexy, cool and just doesn’t get old. We’re super excited to see what other monster hits Billie will have in store for us in 2020! 

TicketSwap Pop Album of 2019: Post Malone - Hollywood's Bleeding
Malone gathered almost half of the votes with his third studio album, featuring the singles 'Wow', 'Goodbyes' and 'Circles'. We have been blasting it on repeat - and we’ll probably keep on doing so in the new year as well.

TicketSwap Favourite Festival of 2019: Lowlands 
Uff, this was a hard one. Our team was very divided when it came to picking our favourite festival. With 27% of the votes, Lowlands has a small majority but is closely followed by Wildeburg and DGTL. Also worth mentioning is that some people actually skipped this question. Maybe we can conclude that we just love ALL festivals, and we don’t want to choose? 

Thank you for swapping with us in 2019 and we’d love to see you again in 2020! 

– Cathalijne on December 24, 2019