Festival Junkie Series Part 2: Budget Tips For Festivals

Our Resident Festival Junkie Cat Knows Best

At TicketSwap HQ, we all love to party. But there is only one person who has elevated this into a true art form. Meet Cat(harina), our German colleague who can be found at various parties every weekend. In this mini-series, Cat tells about the different aspects of the life of a real festival junkie. The first edition was all about her fabulous party outfits. Today, we discuss budgeting tips to help you visit as many festivals as possible! 


So Cat, tell us: how many festivals did you go this year?

Uff, there’s been a lot, really! I’ve made an overview for myself with all the parties I went to since I came back to Holland from traveling, at the beginning of March. By now, the counter is at 32 parties, among which also a few multi-day festivals like The Monastery and Burning Man. And the year’s not over yet, so there will be more parties coming up!

That sounds like a very expensive hobby…

Actually, it’s not that bad! This summer I did quite some volunteering work at festivals, as they often reward you with a free entrance ticket. The building up is the most fun, because when it’s time to clean everything up I want to continue on to the after-party, haha! With the building up you’re taking care of the decoration, which often begins earlier on in the week prior to the event. We have dinner together which is really fun and then we make the decoration pieces. 

The building up of Burning Man 

What was your favourite volunteering job?

That has to be last year’s Lightning Society Burlesquerade Party, I was living in New York at that time. It’s an annual yacht party organised by Lightning Society, a Burning Man camp, and you’re floating somewhere between Brooklyn and Manhattan all night and the next morning. A lot of the Burning Man art is also build up during that event, so as volunteers we also contributed to that. 

Lightning Society

Do you have any other budget tips, besides volunteering?

Definitely, if you’re a bit of an insider in the event scene and know a lot of organisers and DJ’s you’ll get quite a lot of guestlist spots. You’re not paying any entrance fee if you’re on the guest list, so that saves a lot of money. Next to that, I’m also buying first release tickets or tickets with a friend discount. If you missed out on those, you can always check TicketSwap to see if you can find a cheap ticket over there! It’s also very wise to keep an eye on discount promotions; during Black Friday I purchased my accommodation for Envision 2020 with a 20% discount. In addition, I advise eating well before going to a (one day) festival or party. The food at festivals is mostly super expensive and very unhealthy, so I always eat oatmeal with apple before going to a festival. It’s very satisfying and super healthy; the best basis if you go dancing all day. 

Join us next week for Part 3: Festival Fit Tips! 

– Cathalijne on December 19, 2019